Enhanced Biometric Security

Features that make Virdi devices even more secure
and user-friendly beyond imagination.


User Registration & Authentication

Each user can be enrolled and thereafter be verified using custom registration and verification levels which have been individually configured to match the conditions of their fingers and the security needs of the organisation.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Each user can have their identification methods individually assigned. i.e. finger only, PIN + finger, card or finger, card & finger, template on a card, etc. There are over 10 combinations which can be defined by time of day and day of week.


Push Technology

In order to minimise network traffic and provide a “real-time” update of transactions, the devices will “Push” their transactions to the server as they occur. While templates are being sent to the Virdi devices, users can continue to use the devices without any interruption.

Software Solutions

Virdi biometric devices can operate stand-alone or networked (server managed devices that can be linked to time & attendance software, payroll software etc). Virdi devices can also emulate a card reader, functioning as an interface to legacy systems.

biometric fingerprint scanners

Multiple Fingers Enrolment

Each user can register between 1 and 5 fingerprints on the biometric terminal. The database can accommodate the enrolment of up to 10 fingers and can be set to check that similar fingers do not exist in the database thereby eliminating “ghost employees”.

Data Management System

After user credentials are loaded on the biometric template management software, the operator can assign the user to be authenticated at all or specific Virdi devices. User credentials can be downloaded to the device for local authentication or stored in a database for server-based authentication.

User Interfaces

Virdi biometric devices support TCP/IP for template and data management, Wiegand 26 & 34-bit IN & OUT ports to connect 3rd Party RFID readers or Access Control Controllers, on-board relays with NO/NC, motorised lock control, door status monitor, alarm panel I/F and RS232/485 Ports.