Virdi AC-6000

The most advanced biometric scanner

Virdi AC-6000 the most advanced biometric scanner terminal device

Advanced in Every Aspect

Where security, speed and scalability matters.

The AC-6000 is one of Virdi’s flagship biometric scanners that embraces the latest technology. It is equipped with a large 4.8 inch colour touch screen display, a built-in digital camera and an extremely-fast processor. The AC-6000 also comes with face recognition and Voice over IP (VoIP) technology that notifies your secretary when a VIP guest is waiting at the door.

4.8" large colour lcd

Large Touch Screen Display

Lets you accomplish more, and quicker.

The AC-6000 is fitted with a large 4.8″ Color TFT touch screen. The brilliant display allows device administrators easy access to all the settings without using keypad. The configuration is intuitive with the touch screen and the device can be setup much quicker.

face recognition scanner

Face Recognition

The future of biometrics.

With face recognition capability, the AC-6000 captures the visitor’s facial image and looks up a database of face shots instantly. Once a match is found, the person is granted access. This function can also be extended with the VoIP module, allowing the AC-6000 to notify a secretary when a VIP guest has arrived at the door.

card reader

USB Port

Save and transfer settings.

With a built-in USB port, the AC-6000 allows device administrators to backup and transfer settings easily with standard USB thumb drives. Settings that can be backed up include configurations, images, firmware and transaction logs.

fake fingerprint detection

Fake Finger Detection

The fakes can’t fool it.

Security is only as good as the intelligence of the sensor. Virdi’s patented optical sensor and algorithm detect fake fingerprints reproduced on paper, film, silicone and rubber. It will be futile to try to fool the Virdi fingerprint scanner.

Face recognition biometric scanner

VoIP Notifications Real-Time

AC-6000 knows your VIP.

Expecting the arrival of a VIP guest? No worries. The Virdi AC-6000 biometric scanner will identify your VIP face shot and notify your secretary through connected VoIP devices1. Your VIP can be granted access through the door without any wait time or inconvenience.

Virdi VoIP configuration

Install Easily. Setup Flexibly.

The AC-6000 biometric device can either be setup as a stand-alone scanner or integrated via your local area network to server backend solutions such as access control and time management systems.

AC-6000 system configuration
AC-6000 system configuration

Technical Specifications

Items AC-6000
Template Capacity 100,000 Templates (100,000 users)
Log Capacity 500,000 Events
Cards Supported 125 KHz Proximity Card (AC-6000RF)
13.56 MHz Smart Card (AC-6000SC)
Operation Mode Fingerprint, Card, PIN
LCD Display 4.8 inch color touch LCD
Communications RS-485, RS-232, Wiegand In & Out
PC Interface TCP/IP, USB, Wireless LAN (optional)
USB memory slot USB Host & USB Device
Lock Control 2port Control Motor Lock or 1port Control EM/Strike/Deadbolt Lock
Fingerprint Sensor 500Dpi Optical Sensor
Fake Fingerprint Detection Paper, Film, Rubber, Silicon, etc
Digital Camera 1.3M Pixel
FRR / FAR 0.1% / 0.0001%
Supply voltage DC 12V ~ 24V
-20 ~50¡Æ / Lower than 90% RH (Non-condensing)
Dimension 197.5(W) X 119.3(H) X 46.8(D) mm

Feature List : AC-6000

  • User definable screen layout and background.
  • Records a digital image of each user at the time of the transaction. (Optional Face Detection)
  • Transfer configuration settings, images, firmware and transaction logs using USB Memory Stick.
  • Play custom voice messages (MP3)associated with each transaction.
  • Reduce the installation time and cost with the optional WiFi module.
  • New patented optical sensor and algorithm detects fake fingerprints made of paper, film, silicone and rubber
  • The high-tech fingerprint technology offers both security and convenience.
  • Users and Visitors can either be assigned transaction rights based on fingerprint and/or card. These settings are configured by individual.
  • Real-time transactions based on TCP/IP with Push technology.
  • Our internationally renowned fingerprint algorithm authenticates dry or wet fingerprints quickly and accurately.

  • Powerful 32bit CPU for faster verification.
  • Automatically recognizes fingerprints when fingerprints are placed on the scanner.
  • Can be used in a variety of environments and applications, such as: government offices, manufacturing companies, construction, mining and financial institutions for Access Control, Time & Attendance and Meal Management.
  • Recognizes the approach of a user and automatically turns on the LCD and keypad. Reduces power consumption..
  • Supports multiple authentication methods and combinations, such as: fingerprints, RF Card, and/or ID/Password.
  • Reports device status in management application. (UNIS).
  • Flexible terminal configuration options.
  • Voice prompt for device operation and transaction status.
  • Factory languages – Korean, English, Japanese – all languages are easily modified by the user.
  • backlit LCD can be used day or night..
1. Requires VoIP module and customisation.