Virdi AC-F100

IP65 fingerprint scanner with smartphone utility

Compact. IP-65 Certified.

Dust proof. Waterproof. Durable.

The AC-F100 is tightly encased for maximum weatherproof and durability. It has been certified as being dust proof and 100% tight against water projected at it from any direction. Hence, the AC-F100 is suitable for outdoor installation and perfect for dusty environments such as construction sites.

❊ Sleek design. Only 37mm thickness.

fake fingerprint detection

Fake Finger Detection

Defence against clever intrusion.

Security is only as good as the intelligence of the sensor. Virdi’s patented optical sensor and algorithm detect fake fingerprints reproduced on paper, film, silicone and rubber. It will be futile to try to fool the Virdi fingerprint scanner.

smartphone app for Virdi

Built-in Digital Camera

Additional visual verification.

Besides authenticating fingerprints, the Virdi AC-F100 fingerprint scanner comes with a built-in digital camera that snaps a photo of the person who is seeking entry. The photo, which will be sent to your designated smartphone, can serve as a visual verification to ensure the person is indeed who he or she claims to be.

Smartphone User Interface

virdi smartphone ui

Available On

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Install Easily. Setup Flexibly.

The AC-F100 fingerprint scanner can either be setup as a stand-alone scanner with wireless sync to your smartphone or integrated via your local area network to server backend solutions such as access control and time management systems.

AC-F100 configuration
AC-F100 configuration

Technical Specifications

Items ACF100
Template Capacity 1,000 Fingers (1,000 users)
Log Capacity 1,000,000 Events
Cards Supported 125 KHz Proximity Card
13.56 MHz Smart Card
Operation Mode Fingerprint, Card
Communications RS-485, Wiegand In & Out
PC Interface WIFI (Standard)
Lock Control 2port Control Motor Lock or 1port Control EM/Strike/Deadbolt Lock
Fingerprint Sensor 500Dpi Optical Sensor
Fake Fingerprint Detection Paper, Film, Rubber, Silicon, etc
FRR / FAR 0.1% / 0.0001%
Supply voltage DC 12V ~ 24V
-20 ~50¡Æ / Lower than 90% RH (Non-condensing)
Dimension 68(W) X 138(H) X 37(D) mm

Feature List : AC-F100

  • Smart sensor detects fake fingerprints made of paper, film, silicone and rubber
  • Waterproof and dust proof. Suitable for outdoor installation
  • Records a digital image of each user at the time of the transaction

  • Reduce the installation time and cost with Wi-Fi
  • Access control and Time management application by Android and Apple OS
  • Installation can be done in limited space