Virdi AC-5000

Fingerprint scanner with LCD and Touch Keypad

Virdi fingerprint scanner AC-5000

Customisable Display

A touch of colour.

Most fingerprint readers are just plain readers, lacking friendly interfaces. That’s why we have built a colour LCD display on the AC-5000. The display is customisable, so companies can load graphics such as their corporate logos. Security with a touch of elegance matters for some. The brilliant display also shows date-time stamp, status and system messages, so it will be a breeze configuring and managing the device.

Absolutely Dust-Proof

IP-65 Certified. Waterproof as well.

The AC-5000 is tightly encased for maximum weatherproof and durability. It has been certified as being dust-proof and 100% tight against water projected at it from any direction. Hence, the AC-5000 is suitable for outdoor installation and perfect for dusty environments such as construction sites and unsheltered lobbies.

ac-5000 dustproof
fingerprint detection patent

Fake Finger Detection

The fakes can’t fool it.

Security is only as good as the intelligence of the sensor. Virdi’s patented optical sensor and algorithm detect fake fingerprints reproduced on paper, film, silicone and rubber. It will be futile to try to fool the Virdi fingerprint scanner.

card reader feature

Card Reader

Authenticate fingerprint and staff card.

Besides authenticating fingerprints, the Virdi AC-5000 fingerprint scanner comes with a built-in card reader that supports smart cards and RFID cards. Companies that use staff card access control can now easily add fingerprint authentication to further bolster the security of their premises.

Install Easily. Setup Flexibly.

The AC-5000 fingerprint scanner can either be setup as a stand-alone scanner or integrated via your local area network to server backend solutions such as access control and time management systems.

ac5000 configuration
ac5000 configuration

Feature List : AC-5000

  • User-customisable LCD background that also displays status and system messages
  • POE, Terminal Connectors, Slim Vertical Design. Versatile installation.
  • Patented optical sensor technology detects fake fingers made of paper, rubber, silicone
  • 20,000 user / 61,000 logs
  • Global & Individual Message Broadcast
  • 1:3,000 users / less than 1 sec

  • LED backlit
  • Outdoor installation
  • Larger Scanner Surface, Additional Live & Fake Fingerprint Detection Technology
  • RF cards can be used with the device along with fingerprint verification
  • Smart cards can be used with the device along with fingerprint verification